Monday, April 17, 2017


When I was young, I think I had some nervous habits that most children do. I didn't like to step on the cracks of sidewalks, not because of the adage that I'd break my mother's back but just because it didn't feel right. When I walked on the checkered tiles in our school hallway, I had to make sure I stepped on as many black tiles with my left foot as I did with my right foot or else I felt 'uneven.' I distinctly remember in grammar school, I would go up to sharpen my pencil by the door and I would have to spin the crank an even number of times or I would feel 'off' for the rest of the day.
Some of my friends would describe having similar quirks but I always knew mine were a bit more severe. In the afternoons when my sister and I would lounge around on the couch watching television, she would bring the pillow from her bed so she could lie down. I couldn't bring my pillow because it didn't belong on the couch and I didn't like the idea of my bed being pillowless. If my left arm was itchy, I would scratch it and then also compulsively scratch my right arm because my body craved the symmetry. During dinner, when I'd put my chopsticks down to pick up my spoon, I had to make sure they were properly lined up or else my food didn't taste right.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Electric Biking

Happy April!

I love biking. You might know this already, but I've been tackling city bike shares whenever possible and it's a weekend activity that I've been enjoying immensely, especially since I got a little bike basket for my dog to sit in. Typically, I would just ride around my neighborhood but recently, my sister got a new bike and we started attempting longer rides. As it turns out, having a 25 pound pup sitting in a front bike basket kind of ruins your momentum when you're biking and makes it supremely difficult to bike if there is even the slightest hint of an incline.
So, back in December, I converted my regular beach cruiser into an electric bike. I bought a motorized wheel from Leed Bike, replaced my front wheel (which was super easy) and now I have a little bit of extra help when I'm riding with my dog and for any steep hills when I'm on my own.
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