Monday, September 26, 2016

Socarrat Paella Bar & Doughnut Plant

A few weeks ago, I met up with my friend D to have some dinner. We had originally planned to go to a floral wreath-making class but they cancelled it due to lack of interest; boo. Since I'd already mentally scheduled that Tuesday evening as a night out anyway, I decided I would still make the trek into the city (a v. easy one via train) so we could spend some time together and do what we do best: eat and gossip.
I left work a little early to catch the train; I was going the opposite direction of commuters so I had the luxury of a quiet, comfortable ride in.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Comfy Airplane Outfits

I got back from holiday a few weeks ago and it is the most depressing feeling ever to have to go to work and not have my awesome Greek island trip to look forward to anymore; although, I can now look forward to Iceland in November. Everyone has been commenting to me that it seems like I'm always on vacation and I've been replying, "I wish!" Admittedly, I have done quite a bit of traveling the past decade of my life, though a good portion of that is due to work and that's not really leisurely.

I've flown on airplanes enough now - I hopped around four flights this past vacation - that I have some "uniforms" that I'll throw on depending on the occasion. I also have some major rules that I like to follow to make my time at the airport and on the airplane as easy as possible.
And I thought it would be nice to talk about comfy clothes and traveling a bit more before I have to whack myself back into reality.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

48 Hours in London: Day 2 & Video Diary

On our last day of holiday, I was sort of sad that it was over but also kind of happy to go home to see GM. I think that's the best part of having a dog: you know you're going to get the biggest, happiest welcome home ever, even if all you've done is gone out to check the mailbox.
Wanting to wind down and prepare for the flight home, we kept our last day really low-key. We didn't have many major plans, especially because the handful of ideas I'd had for our last day we had already done the day before.

Monday, September 12, 2016

48 Hours in London: Day 1

London is my favorite city. It's huge, there's loads to do, and the accents melt my heart every time. I made a list of not-so-known sites, so we did our best to mix those into some of our favorites and in the end, I feel like we did so much in the short time we were there. In fact, our health app said we walked 12+ miles on one of the days, which was the most we did all trip.
A lot had changed since the last time I was here back in 2010. The main difference, I suppose, was that I actually had some money to spend this time around but the other huge difference was how much better the food scene was. I think I had one of my favorite meals of the trip here, though I think my favorite meal changes on what I'm currently craving at the moment.

Friday, September 09, 2016

48 Hours in Mykonos: Last Bits & Video Diary

I probably could have jammed these last bits of Mykonos into yesterday's post but it was just so long and photo heavy, I didn't want to overload too much in one go. So, we'll just keep today's post really low-key and short and sweet.
Our flight out of Mykonos was at 14:00 so we decided to spend our morning just relaxing by the pool. We grabbed breakfast and then changed into our swimmies and chose the best sunloungers. For me, that was one in shade so I could read Harry Potter from my iPad since I was already super tan from our beach day. M chose one in full sun to grab a few more rays before we left Greece.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

48 Hours in Mykonos: Day 2

For our full day in Mykonos, we decided that we would hit up one of their famous beaches. We'd done a little bit of research on where we wanted to go but ultimately ended up heading to a beach that was easily accessible via bus from our hotel. The bus stop to Paradise Beach was a two minute walk so that settled things pretty quickly; the alternative would have been to walk into town to the main bus stop but we weren't so keen on that.
Even though we woke up bright and early, as usual, we were limited by the bus schedule (which didn't start running until 10:30) so we killed time by reading out by the pool which is obviously the best way one can kill time, am I right?

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

48 Hours in Mykonos: Day 1

Our Mykonos adventure began with a little bit of a headache. We ventured from Paros to Mykonos via ferry and it ran late and we got into a mini argument with the man checking our tickets and it was all a bit of a headache. I also couldn't get in touch with our hotel to let them know that our ferry was late so I was worried our airport transfer wouldn't work out so suffice it to say, I did not enjoy the ferry ride at all.
Luckily, even though the ferry was late, the journey itself was under an hour so it wasn't the worst experience ever.

Monday, September 05, 2016

24 Hours in Paros & Video Diary

Paros wasn't an island I was super excited about, mostly because it was chosen simply as a way to break up the ferry ride from Santorini to Mykonos; I didn't think we could survive 4+ hours on the sea. So, I did some minor research which led me to choose Paros over Naxos (because according to Wikitravel, it's considered the most beautiful island of the Cyclades). Fortunately, it was a lovely surprise how much we enjoyed our short time there.

First of all, the island isn't quite as "spiky" as Santorini or Mykonos, meaning there are no real steep climbs to reach the picturesque towns. We only stayed in Parikia, but everything was settled rather close to the water so we didn't have to get our sweat on constantly as we explored. Secondly, the beaches here are gorgeous and sandy, not gravelly. We walked 5 minutes from our hotel to a beach by the port and it was so beautiful and won my heart as my favorite of the trip. Lastly, the vibe here is so laid back, the hoards of tourists are much more minimal, and the people are so friendly and welcoming. They genuinely want you to have a good time instead of just trying to take your money. It was certainly the most affordable island we visited - the lodging was cheap, as was the food and the portions at restaurants was quite generous - and if I were European and looking for a laid back trip, this is where I would go.
Our journey to Paros started in Mykonos. I booked ferry tickets online a few days prior (since it was high season, I wanted to make sure it didn't fill up).

Friday, September 02, 2016

72 Hours in Santorini: Last Bits & Video Diary

We woke up fresh and early on our final morning in Oia so that we could squeeze in just one more fun activity before we had to pack up and leave. We decided to go for a dip in Ammoudi Bay bright and early so we could have the place to ourselves. We meandered down the steps to the bay at around 7:30. It was beautifully quiet with just a few locals getting ready to set up shop for the day.
And of course it was another gorgeous sunny day in Santorini so a swim was in order anyway.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

72 Hours in Santorini: Day 3

Our second full day in Santorini also started off bright and early. We did a bit of research the evening before about which beach to visit (we settled on Vlychada, pronounced "vlee-kada" with a throaty 'k' sound) so we threw on our suits and settled in for breakfast before meandering to the bus stop.
I really miss breakfast by the sea. I live so close to the ocean and yet, I rarely look at it. Probably because the view of the Atlantic from the tri-state is quite lackluster compared to Mediterranean views.
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