Friday, February 27, 2015

Crumpled Maps

A couple of months ago, around Christmas, a package arrived in the post. I wasn't expecting anything and I had no idea what it was. I opened the envelope to see some words in Italian and a map of Milano. After reading the packing slip more thoroughly, I realized that it was a gift from my amazing friend, H!

I'd never heard of Crumpled City before, but now I'm obsessed.
The concept of this map is really fun. It's printed on super durable, waterproof paper that won't rip and you can literally crumple it up. The crumple-ability is the most exciting feature because who can be bothered to properly fold up a map before tossing it back into a pocket or handbag? I'll be honest, I do always like to try and fold maps up properly but they always end up tearing in the process.

The cloth-like texture also allows the map to be used as a fashion accessory. H says she's used it as a scarf.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Packing Electronics for Travel

In this tech-y era, we often travel with several cords and chargers and batteries. It's easy to lose track of these bits and bobs (who hasn't left a charger behind at a hotel before?) but if you keep it organized, it's less likely you'll lose your precious accessories.
I travel enough (for work and for leisure) that I have a travel electronics pack always ready to grab and go.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Packing Jewelry for Travel

Jewelry is the quickest and easiest way to jazz up an outfit. It's especially important when you're trying to pack light and you've planned on reusing and remixing items of clothing. Jewelry helps make an outfit seem brand new.

But, jewelry is delicate so it needs to be coddled, it's small so it's often misplaced, and the chains can get tangled. I thought I would share my favorite techniques for packing jewelry for travel.
I'm always more interested in saving as much room as possible whilst protecting my jewelry in the most convenient way possible.

Monday, February 09, 2015

10 Tips for Travel Journaling

Unlike Doug Funnie, who journaled the events of his everyday life, I am an emotional journaler. As a kid, I had a stack of diaries that were gifted to me on numerous occasions. Mum encouraged me to write in them. She said that I'd one day cherish the memories. But you know, I just couldn't get myself to commit to a routine of jotting down the mundanities of my youth. "Dear Diary, Today, I went to school and learned about compound words." Yeah, not that exciting.

But, whenever I was really excited or terribly upset, I'd grab a journal and start furiously writing. I never addressed my entries. I figured that writing in the diary itself was a direct enough statement that didn't need clarification with an introductory "Dear Diary." I'd vent about how unfair my parents were being for not letting me go to some gathering of friends that had been in the works for weeks. I'd babble on about how excited I was about going to the mall to buy new earrings with my saved Christmas money. I would joyfully scribble an anecdote about how my crush sat next to me at the school assembly. By the way, just a side note: as a kid, I thought it was "cresh" (instead of crush) and it was used multiple times in my third grade journal before I learned the correct terminology.

Anyway, I haven't kept a diary since sometime during junior high or high school. I'm not exactly sure when it petered out. I think that at some point, I was writing enough in my school notebooks that I wasn't too keen on keeping an additional one, even if it was for leisure.

However, once I started traveling on my own (i.e. I started booking my own flights), I started keeping a travel journal. The first big trip I ever booked on my own was in college for our senior year spring break. Two friends and I booked a trip to London, which was a dream destination of mine since the fifth grade. At that time, the journal was born out of necessity. I was pretty broke (in relative terms) so I used the journal to write down everything I was spending for this trip. At the same time, I used my little notebook to jot down all of the sites we visited and the emotions I was experiencing because, hey, this was a dream come true.
Since then, I've journaled every trip I've taken. I've gone through several journals - I dedicated an entire Moleskine sketchbook to my month long Euro trip that I took after graduation - and I plan on keeping this up forever.

I thought I would share some of the ways I use my travel journal now. It's not only for emotional ranting; it's also functional.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

DIY Travel First Aid Kit

I have a little first aid kit that I put together years ago. It's just a little plastic travel soap case from Target ($1) that I fill with my essentials. There are a bunch of items that I always keep in the case and then other medicines that I'll add, depending on the destination. I thought I'd share my kit with you, in case you're interested in making your own too.
You'll need:
plastic travel soap case (or any other small container that's durable and waterproof)
permanent marker
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