Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doggy Snow Day

Snowmageddon wasn't as scary as the weather people thought it would be. Wow, how lovely it must be to have a job where you can wildly and incorrectly predict the future and still manage to keep your job. Am I wrong?

I think the storm we had on Saturday was worse. My pup came outside to play whilst my sister and I shoveled the driveway and walkway. It was on the warmer side, which made the snow perfect for fort making and snowman building. And it also made it horrible for shoveling. It was really heavy and packed way too easily, which meant that I couldn't resort to my normal method of just pushing the snow out of the way. It had to be scooped and tossed. That's all right since shoveling is the only means of exercise I get in the winter. Sorry. That wasn't an apology to you; that was an apology to myself, as it is my body that suffers.

Anyway, over the weekend, GM kept doing this thing where he'd just push his face into the snow. I don't know if he was feeling warm and the snow felt good on his face or what but he kept doing it. So, yesterday, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos to share.
I'm sure this post may be boring to most but I like saving up these memories of my weirdo dog. He's awesome and I hope he lives forever. But if he doesn't, at least I'll have these photos to remember him by.

Friday, January 23, 2015

10 Steps for Trip Planning

I get weirdly anxious if I can't meticulously plan my vacations. I will spend hours doing online research, reading travel guides, and journaling to make sure that once I'm on holiday, nothing takes me by surprise. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a little spontaneity while I'm on my trip. Planning doesn't mean I give myself a second-by-second itinerary that I plan to a T. It just means that I like to make the proper preparations ahead of time so that I can relax and enjoy my time away, instead of being holed up in my hotel room trying to hook up to unreliable wifi to solve a problem I could have avoided if I'd just planned ahead. It might sound paranoid, but I just like to avoid disaster, e.g. getting hopelessly lost or ending up in a foreign jail because I was unaware of the local customs.

I wanted to put my neuroses to good use and share my steps for trip planning.
This isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea because v. few people are as insane as I am (as you may glean from the sheer amount of text I managed to pump out below). However, hopefully, there will be a tip or two in here that will be helpful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Butter Midtown & McNulty's

Before Chopped, I used to watch Gossip Girl. You might be like, "WTF? How are those two shows even related?" Here me out. In Gossip Girl, Blair and her cronies hit up the restaurant Butter multiple times. Blair (a.k.a. Queen B) is one of my favorite mean girls of all time, so of course, it made me add Butter to my list of wanna-go restaurants in the city.

Fast forward a few years and I got hooked on Chopped. I was introduced to Alex Guarnaschelli. She was honestly critical without being mean, full of praise when it was deserved, and had a great vocabulary for describing food. I quickly added her to my list of chefs I love, where she enjoyed the company of Alton Brown, Nigella Lawson, and Ina Garten. And yes, I have many lists.

Well, finally, the weekend after Christmas, I made my way over to Butter with my sister. We'd originally made a reservation for dinner but after looking at the lunch menu, we switched to lunch.
Butter used to be located downtown but recently they moved to midtown. You'll find them on 45th & 6th.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Italy 2015 Itinerary

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and Day. I had a little over a week off from work over the holiday and it was so relaxing. During that time, I finalized a few more Italy plans.
Train tickets can't be purchased until we're a bit closer to the date of travel, so we haven't locked those down yet, but I booked our inter-Italy flights and I am extremely excited about our itinerary. I had to knock off a few of my must-see places, but I found great alternatives. We're visiting mostly tiny towns, which I think will make for a nice, low-pressure holiday filled with charm.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Living Room Makeover

My sister and I have been trying to make our house a bit nicer. In 2013, we redid the kitchen. In 2014, we decided to tackle the living room. This year, we've got our sights set on redoing the bathroom.

Anyway, redoing the living room was quite easy and affordable. We just slapped on a new coat of paint, did a bit of cleaning and rearranging, and bought a small piece of furniture here and there and boom, it looks so much better. I thought I'd share the results here because it came out nice and lovely and I just wanted to show it off a bit.
We spent maybe $200 on paint and small furniture and decorative items. It was a totally cheap makeover.
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