Monday, January 22, 2018

72 hours in Oahu: Day 1

My sister, who is also a civil engineer, has been working on this project in Hawaii for the past year. She visited over the summer and had to go back again for the final inspection this month and I tagged along. I used my United points, so in the end my flight only cost $80, which was awesome. It's the first time I've taken advantage of a bunch of points I've collected over the years, and I think this was the most appropriate and worthwhile use.

We flew out last Thursday morning and landed in Honolulu in the afternoon. Sure, it was a lot of travel time compared to the actual amount of time we had on the island, but it was a welcome distraction from some work-related hideousness and my hatred of the cold winter we've been dealing with.
It was a quick trip and v. eventful (because we were there when the false missile alarm went out) but it was really relaxing and just what I needed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Six Flags Grape Adventure

This past weekend, a few of my fellow female engineer coworkers and I participated in a 5K at Six Flags Great Adventure. While planning, one of the girls learned that there was a food and wine festival being held the same weekend. We figured we'd make a day of it and booked the upgraded safari package, which included a safari tour and wine tasting as well as admission to the food festival as well as the theme park.
The 5K was a fun experience because we got to walk through the park whilst no one else was around and we even got to walk through some of the 'employee only' restricted areas and saw the leftover Fright Fest props as well as the upcoming holiday decor.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Adventure Weekend in CT

Happy Halloween!

This past weekend, I visited my friend H in Connecticut and we had ourselves a nice girls' weekend with loads of pink wine, delicious food, and some adrenaline rush-inducing activities. It was kind of random but loads of fun and I'm v. pleased with how the weekend turned out.
I didn't bring my camera up with me, since I was looking for a low-key weekend, but I wanted to do an iPhone photo dump. I like doing these not just because I enjoy documenting my life on this journal-like platform, but because I have a way to preserve the photos when I need to clean out my phone to make space.
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