Monday, April 16, 2018

What to Wear in India

India is pretty conservative and you need to be cognizant of your wardrobe when traveling there. Though I did see a few girls getting away with wearing shorts and camisoles in Mumbai, in most of the other cities we visited, the majority of the females we encountered were decently modest with their clothing. My main goal when preparing my outfits was to be comfortable; I wanted to wear things I felt confident in, I wouldn't overheat in, and I wouldn't garner unwanted attention in.

My friend from high school, whose parents immigrated to the States from India, gave me some tips before I left. She said that bearing a bit of skin is fine but err on the side of conservative. I took that to mean that I could wear short sleeves, skirts to the knees, and show a bit of midriff (after all, Indian women in saris show off their bellies too).
I ended up packing trousers, crop tops, a midi dress, and a scarf and it was the perfect wardrobe to survive in India for two weeks. The scarf came in handy for protecting my head from the sun as well as wrapping around my shoulders when I wanted to be a bit more covered up.

Monday, April 02, 2018

India Packing Tips: 10 Essential Items

Beyond clothing, electronics, chargers, and toiletries, I wanted to share a list of the essential items in my packing list for India that I couldn't have gone without. I did a lot of brainstorming before leaving for India because I didn't want to overpack. I was concerned about not being able to meet the weight restrictions on all of our domestic flights (which in the end was a moot point because no one gave a rat's ass about our luggage weights or even how many bags we were carrying). But it was good practice anyway because it's annoying to end up carrying things you don't even need, especially since we were doing so much city hopping.
The ten items in this list are things I absolutely couldn't have fared without.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

2 Weeks in India | 36 hours in Mumbai & Video Diary

Our final stop on our tour of India was Mumbai. The only things I knew about this city were that Slumdog Millionaire takes place here and it used to be called Bombay. It turns out that it's a bustling, lively city and though it didn't top the list of all the places we visited, I did enjoy my time here. I think I would cite the fact that we were at the tail end of our trip as the reason we didn't do more stuff.
I mean, we'd just hopped around the entire country for two weeks; can you blame us?
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